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Xie Jing

Xie Jing (b.1993) currently lives and works in Guangzhou. Xie completed her BA in Fine Art at China Academy of Art, and MFA at the Glasgow School of Art with First Class Honors. 

Her work is usually inspired by the embodied experiences of individuals and groups and is presented as a combination of discovering micro-narratives in everyday life, daily rituals, her own personal metaphors/fables, and interventions involving others. She is excellent at being present with multi-identities and using temporary rehearsal towards becoming, or directly intervening in public spaces, constructing different performative situations, spaces, and embodied actions to get close to the effort of liberation from inevitability and making solid things suffering from shock. She attempts to construct new and circulated logical relationship matrices through the exploration of poetic multi-dynamic relationships and schemas, simultaneously mediating with the uncontrollable to maintain a rhythmic balance, using it as aesthetic strategies to resist ubiquitous violences, a tool for self-reflection, a channel that can call out new paths again, and itself. Xie co-founded artist collective Hijack打劫 Programme (2016) with Qiong Zhang. 

Xie Jing