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  • Liu Guoqiang, Reference 1#, 2020, 10-channel video installation 200 × 200 × 250 cm, Courtesy the Artist

Liu Guoqiang

Liu Guoqiang (b. 1988, Shandong province) received his BFA and MFA degrees from the New Media Art Department of the China Academy of Art in 2011 and 2015, respectively, and now lives and works in Hangzhou. Liu’s conceptual practice spans the media of video art, installation, and two-dimensional surfaces.

This exhibition presents Liu’s “Reference” and “Graphic Dimensions” series. The “Reference” series is a dissection of Liu’s art practice. Reference 1# is a ten-screen video installation that captures large clouds slowly drifting from left to right on a sunny day. The artist divides this video into ten screens and plays them out of sync, with each screen referencing the others, so that viewers can compare and contrast the subtle differences in slow motion. The “Graphic Dimension” series conveys the artist’s understanding of geometry through the pictorial representation of notions of shape. From this series, The Edge of Quadrilateral is a kinetic installation. The artist considers “edge” to be a definitive concept, an object without thickness or standard qualities. Its presence or disappearance can only be theoretical speculations. In this absolutist concept, the edges of drawn objects may become infinitely thin until invisible, as if they are disappearing. In the video work Size, the artist gradually blacks out white areas of two equal frames on-screen to generate a sense of imbalance. The viewer is then unable to distinguish between the frame seen directly through the camera and the scope of the image. The artist adopts the properties of video itself to create a sense of dislocation through visual translation.

Liu Guoqiang